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The main aim of a home inspection is to help those in a home to live a safe and healthy life. For this to happen, home inspections are split into different categories to accommodate all vulnerable areas, structures, equipment and systems that may be risky. Some of the areas which may be dangerous to human health are those infected by hazardous gases like radon.


Radon is a colorless, radioactive, tasteless, and odorless noble gas. It is a degeneration product of radium.  Under normal conditions, radon exists in a gaseous state, and it is easily inhaled. The gas is released by soil and uranium bearing rocks as uranium undergoes a normal radioactive decay. It is a health hazard which contaminates indoor air and leads to incidences of lung cancer among others. Radon gas has a high density that makes it easily accumulate at low areas in a home such as crawl spaces and basement.


Radon is a hazardous gas. It is therefore important to conduct radon test to help fight it before building up to high levels and thereby becoming a health risk.  Radon testing is the only way to know if you have a radon problem in your home. Homeowners can conduct radon testing, or they can hire specialists to do so. However, inspection companies are the best option to utilize in testing radon. An inspection company will conduct an exclusive test to reveal the condition of radon gas in your home.


Chicago Radon Testing is a significant activity to perform. The test will show the radon gas status of the home. As explained above, radon is a health hazard gas. It is therefore prudent to check for its presence. If measures to avert or counter the presence of radon gas are implemented on time, the safety of homeowners can be guaranteed. By doing this, health effects such as lung cancer problems are minimized or eliminated fully.


Through testing, necessary mitigation techniques are commenced. These methods are implemented when radon levels are too high. Some of them include soil suction, house pressurization, sealing openings and cracks, eliminating radon in water among others. Inspectors will guide you through the best approach to use.


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