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In today’s competitive real estate market, sellers are often anxious and want to make the best out of the sale. It is no wonder that there are numerous things that you need to consider and do before you and your agent go out in search of potential buyers. One of this is a pre-listing home inspection.


What is Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

It is an inspection carried out before you invite buyers to consider your property. The home inspection company carries out a thorough examination of the home and comes up with a report highlighting all the current and past defects as well as aspects of the home that might raise the alarm shortly.

Some agents are a bit hesitant to encourage sellers to go for this kind of home inspection. So, you might wonder whether this exercise is necessary for you as a home seller.


Benefits of a Pre-listing Home Inspection

1. Full Disclosure – This inspection allows you and your agent to offer full disclosure of the condition of the house to the buyers. It gives you and the buyer a third-party review of the state of this property before making an offer that can assist in procuring financing.

2. Opportunity to improve the home’s overall appeal –  Our pre-listing home inspection gives you and your agent details of what aspects of your property needs repair. On the same breadth, our services will allow you to set aside time to improve the property in case you want to get the best value for your home.

3. Accurate Pricing –  Chicago Pre-Listing Home Inspection, helps you to establish the most accurate price for your real estate property before you get in touch with potential buyers; this will boost your confidence that your home will not be under priced or overpriced by any significant margin.

4. Stress Relief –  Prospectors get stressed by the home-buying process due to the initial concerns that many of them have to deal. By producing a bona fide pre-listing home inspection report, you go a long way in relieving the buyer and yourself of this undue stress.

5. No surprises –  With an excellent and comprehensive pre-listing home inspection, you and your agent will be safe from 11th-hour negotiations with the buyer who might unearth some defects that were otherwise unnoticed.

6. Makes it easier to find buyers –  Our pre-listing home inspection service makes easier for our customers to get buyers because as experience has shown, buyers are often attracted to homes that have already been inspected and have very few or no problems.


What is Covered in a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Chicago Pre-listing Home Inspection is very thorough and comprehensive. We cover all the major and, seemingly minor aspects of your home to give you an in-depth report of the property you are selling. With owner’s discretion and proper coordination, a smooth selling process is not impossible.


As a reputable and credible home inspection company in Chicago, we know better why this kind of service is of great value to you.  Anytime you want a smooth and pleasant home selling transaction do not hesitate to contact Buss Inspection Services Inc. We are always ready and eager to ensure you to have the best pre-listing home inspection report that makes the sale process easier and convenient.


A home inspection is not just for a home buyer or seller of pre-occupied properties. Owners of newly built homes will also benefit from a new home inspection.

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