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A newly constructed home is prone to a variety of problems.  FACT or MYTH? It’s a FACT – This is because, during the process of construction, it is challenging for the builder to check all activities in all construction phases. Even the most qualified and experienced builder is likely to miss out something.


It is one reason why a new home inspection is a significant activity that should be conducted by both homeowners and homebuyers. Since a brand new home does not have any record, it is, therefore, important to establish how well it will perform in future.


New Home Inspection Covers Three Phases 

1. Foundation inspection stage is completed just before backfilling of the soil against the walls. Some of the areas covered include foundation walls, drain tile, footings, surface preparation, perimeter footing drains, exterior waterproofing of the foundation walls and under drain system installation.

2. Framing or pre-drywall inspection phase is performed before a builder installs the drywall and insulation. We usually examine electrical wiring, plumbing, roof structure, and surface, heating, and cooling ducts. A variety of framing errors such as improper fire stops, unbolted sill plates, inadequate purlins,  and incorrect notching are checked. 

3. A final inspection phase is performed to evaluate any possible area that builder may have taken action to correct deficiencies noted from the earlier inspection. This inspection is conducted to ensure that the builder has settled all deficiencies before the turnover. It includes rechecking of the structural integrity, mechanical systems, flooring, electrical systems, crawl space, basements, stairs and railings, plumbing systems, fireplaces, security systems, heating and cooling systems, windows and door installation, ceilings and interior finishes among others.


Benefits of a Chicago New Home Inspection

1. The inspection will reveal all forms of defects in the home structures, equipment, and systems. Inspectors evaluate and recommend necessary repairs before resulting in costly damage. This activity will increase the confidence of the new home owner.

2. A new home inspection is very helpful to a home buyer who does not reside in the area. An inspection company can act as a representative of the purchaser during the process of construction. The company will inspect all phases during the process of development and provide the homeowner with a timely report of all the activities and conditions of structures.


At BUSS Inspection Services, Inc. We offer a new home inspection in Chicago area.  To ensure that safety of homeowners is exhaustively taken care of, we perform the inspection at the start of the construction phase to the final walk through.

BUSS Inspection Services, Inc. does not only cover basic home inspection service, but we also offer radon testing to check the radon gas level in every home in Chicago area.

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